Document Collection Made Simple

Streamline your Document Collection Process

Do you request documents from your potential clients to onboard them?

We have made this tedious process easier than ever before.

Doc Collect Hub Portal
Doc Collect Hub Campaigns

Fully Customizable Workflows

You Can Create Unique Campaigns That Suite Your Business Requirements

Counterproductive back-and-forth with your clients about the documents you require is something of the past.

Set up your campaign by specifying all the documents they need to provide.

You can personalize the look and feel of your client portal by adding your logo.

Who can use our document collection portal?

A flexible solution for many businesses types

Wasting time chasing people for documents is not specific to an industry.

That’s why all types of professionals love Doc Collect Hub.

Financial Institutions / KYC

Get documents to start working with new clients.

Real Estate Agents

Retrieve and organize complete files from potential buyers and tenants and get commission earlier.


Automate student enrollments.

Digital agencies

Get digital assets from clients to complete the job on time.

Telemarketers & Call centers

Obtain all the documents your client requires in a snap.

Human resources

Get all the legal documents and contracts from your new employees.

we will Keep your client's documents safe and secure

you will never have to send a sensitive document via email again

Your clients will connect to the client portal securely to upload their documents. These are then encrypted, stored safely, and access is controlled strictly.

Doc Collect Hub Security